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We carry all of the GMC Sierra engines. These include the Vortec 4.3L V6, the 4.8L V8, the 5.3L V8, the 6L V8, and the 6.6L V8.

Our dealers also stock "crate" engines. A crate engine, which is guaranteed to run right out of the crate, will operate properly because it has been rebuilt and tested according to precise standards.

A used engine is another option. If you find a used one from a fairly GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado with comparatively few miles on it, and you have found it in a salvage or junkyard run by a reliable person, buy it. The engine will give you many years of service.

Our dealers stock GMC Sierra engine components also. For example, if you want to bore out your engine to the next piston size for increased power, our dealers handle the new pistons and rings you will need.

We also stock GMC Sierra camshafts, valves, cylinder heads, crankshafts, gaskets, motor mounts, replacement oil pans, and engine blocks. All of these parts are finely manufactured to strict standards. Our fantastic crankshafts, for example, can substantially increase horsepower. Any of these parts will give you years of service.

Remember: we have GMC Sierra engine-rebuild kits that include piston rings, intake and exhaust valves, valves and guides, rod and main bearings, a complete gasket set, and thrust washers (for engines with thrust washers).

To read more about GMC Sierra Engines Store, please visit our Information page.

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